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The Guild

It is said that the guild is for all outcasts. Everyone, who feels they don’t belong, that they don’t have anywhere to call home, or anyone who would accept them. Ruojat welcomes all of these castaways.

Ruojat comes together at megaliths found on every continent: Roenden, Warrenfall and Thedale. The megaliths are many things to the members: A place where magic is told to dwell, and a place to tie agreements.


His pitch black fur was the disease, the plague.

There are countless of stories surrounding this vayron through past centuries; though the ending relies on the teller. He's been described as the hero and as the villain. Whilst he is none of those, there is some truth in these folk tales. In the end, he keeps the truth as his own and devotes his life to only one purpose.

Morko, the Keeper of the Megaliths.

Solemnly yours, outcast.

Want to join?

Joining is now temporarily closed

You want to join Ruojat? Excellent! Send a note to one of the admins: impalae, Kipine, Junowski, where you tell us why you want to join. You can also ask an existing member to recommend you to the Guild!

We wish our members to be active within the guild functions and lore-building. For example, all participation within the battle events and other activities in World of Reos are seen as a positive thing. Don’t stress too much though; the main agenda is to have fun together!

Solemnly Yours, outcast.


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BreezyDraws Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
I don't mean to Pry or be rude, but is there an estimated time of another opening for new members?
Kipine Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
Our group is full at the moment, since there can be only 15 members tops at Reos groups. We try to check in if there are members who don't want to stay anymore, and open the group if/when there's a couple or more spots free.
We also hope that in the future Reos will allow more than 15 members!
And we're glad to know you're interested in Ruojat!
BreezyDraws Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
Aww Ok, thank you very much for your reply ^^